How To Do Head Massage

Health hindustan times i by neha yadav published mar 26 2023 heading 3 how to do head massage

Head massages provide relief from headaches and stress they reduce tension buildup in areas such as the neck upper back and forehead photo credits unsplash

Heres how to give a head massage the right way to relieve stress video credits pexels

Wrap a warm towel around the head for 5 minutes to relax the hair and the scalp photo credits unsplash

Loosen up the hair if it is tied and brush the hair to untangle them if the hair is rough apply some oil photo credits pexels

Photo credits pexels start with the shoulders by gently moving from the base of the neck to the ends of the shoulder blades

Photo credits pexels then slowly move towards the neck the neck is where the tension and stress buildup is move your hands lightly from the top of the spine to the base of the skull

Use your fingertips and thumb to massage the neck area gently apply more pressure while going up and low pressure while moving down photo credits pexels