How to do male dedoliss: hair in style



  1. Introduction
    • Why is curly hair a trend?
  2. How to Curl Frizzy Hair Naturally
    • Hydration and preparation
    • finger liss technique
    • Plopping: The secret to perfect curls
  3. Curling Men's Curly Hair: Special Tips
    • Style and confidence with curly hair
    • Essential products for curling men's frizzy hair
  4. Curling Short Curly Hair: A Challenge Conquered
    • Strategies for successfully curling short hair
    • Ideal stylers and finishers


Curly and wavy hair has become increasingly prominent in men's fashion. Among the techniques to highlight these types of hair, dedoliss stands out. If you're looking to learn how to do male toe curls to show off incredible curls, you're in the right place. In this article, we will explore a step-by-step guide to achieving a perfect, natural toe.

Step 1: Preparation

1. Choosing the Right Products

To begin with, it is very crucial to select the right products for your hair. Look for shampoos and conditioners formulated for men's curly hair. And, of course, don't forget a good styling cream. Here below are some examples of good conditioners!


2. Wash and Condition your Hair

Before starting the process, wash your hair well with warm water. Make sure your hair is clean and condition it to ensure it is soft and manageable. You can also hydrate it with coconut water.

Step 2: Dedoliss Technique

1. Dividing Hair into Sections

Divide your hair into smaller sections to make the process easier. This will help ensure that you apply the cream evenly throughout your hair.

2. Wrap the Wires

Now, apply the styling cream to a small section of hair and wrap each strand around your index finger. This is what we call dedoliss. Repeat this process for all sections.

3. Fixing the Curls

Once you've curled all the sections, use bobby pins or clips to secure the curls. This will help maintain its shape as your hair dries.

Step 3: Drying and Finishing

1. The Dryer is your Friend

Use a diffuser in the dryer to speed up the drying process. Maintain a warm temperature to avoid damaging your curls.

2. Final Touch with Styling Products

After drying, apply a setting spray or serum to add shine and definition to the curls. Avoid touching your hair too much to avoid breaking the curls.


Male dedoliss is an incredible technique for enhancing the natural beauty of curly and wavy hair. With the right products and a little practice, you can achieve perfect, long-lasting curls. So, try it out and have fun showing off your new look!

FAQs About Male Dedoliss

1. What is the difference between dedoliss and other men's curl methods?

Dedoliss is a curl styling technique that involves wrapping small sections of hair around your fingers. It is a more natural option compared to other methods, such as using a curling iron.

2. Can I do dedoliss on short hair?

Yes, it is possible to do dedoliss on short hair. However, it can be a little more challenging as the strands will be shorter. Make sure you use the right styling products to keep your curls in place. Here below is a video for you to learn!

3. How often should I do finger liss?

The ideal frequency depends on your hair type and the desired level of definition. Some do dedoliss weekly, while others prefer to space out the sessions more to avoid damaging the hair.

4. Is there a specific product recommended for finger liss?

There are several products on the market formulated for the care of men's curly hair. It is important to choose quality products that suit your hair type.

5. Is dedoliss suitable for frizzy hair?

Yes, dedoliss can be a great option for men's frizzy hair. Helps define curls and reduce frizz, providing an incredible look.


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