SkinActive: Protector Co-created by Iza and Garnier with Vitamin C and Matte effect

Garnier, in partnership with the talented singer Iza, developed a revolutionary sunscreen, exclusively aimed at black skin. This innovative product offers a series of benefits, including a fluid texture, matte finish and a powerful SPF 50, in addition to contributing to the treatment of skin tags. This article will explore in detail this remarkable collaboration and the impact of SkinActive Uniform&Matte Moisturizing Sunscreen with Color on the market.

Iza’s Journey: From Music to Product Co-creation

Iza, one of the most influential artists of the new generation, grew up in Olaria, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. With a background in advertising and a passion for music, she began her career posting covers on YouTube. Her talent was quickly recognized, and she signed a contract with Warner Music in 2016. Since then, her career has taken off, with hits such as “Pesadão” and the album “Dona de Mim,” which earned her a Latin Grammy nomination.

In addition to her musical career, Iza also presented TV shows and served as a judge on The Voice Brasil. His influence transcends the world of music, and his inspiring trajectory served as the basis for the partnership with Garnier.

The Problem with Representation in the Beauty Industry

According to IBGE data, more than 50% of the Brazilian population is of black origin. However, representation of these people in the beauty industry has historically been limited. Iza, who felt this gap since her childhood, decided to make a difference. She teamed up with Garnier to create a sunscreen that meets the specific needs of black skin.

This visionary collaboration resulted in the SkinActive Sunscreen, a product that offers sun protection and a dry touch, without leaving the skin gray or whitish.

Highlights of Garnier Sunscreen

Fluid Texture and Matte Touch

One of the most striking features of this sunscreen is its fluid texture, which adapts perfectly to black skin. Furthermore, the matte finish is ideal for oily skin, offering a smooth appearance without extreme shine.

SPF 50 and Vitamin C

Protection against UVA and UVB rays is essential for skin health, and Garnier Sunscreen offers an impressive SPF 50. Furthermore, the formula enriched with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, fights free radicals, helping to even out skin texture and tone. Vitamin C also has anti-mark properties, contributing to firm, even and radiant skin.

Successful Co-creation

The development of the protector was a thorough and collaborative process. The team at Garnier and Iza worked together to create the perfect product. The lab focused on producing a functional and affordable sunscreen, while Iza contributed valuable insights into texture, scent and color.

The end result is a unique sunscreen, approved by dermatologists and Iza herself. It meets the specific needs of black skin, providing effective protection, hydration and an impeccable dry touch.

Iza says why the protector appeared

In Iza's interview on PodDelas, she talks about Garnier's invitation and the reasons why she accepted the invitation. Check out an excerpt here!


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